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Nice & Lovely - Eddy Kenzo

"Ntunga" - Radio & Weasle

Breaking free - Ekky

New music:Olindaba - Irene Ntale

gyobera - irene ntale

Neera - Moses Radio

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Trackname — Neera
Artist — Moses Radio

Breaking free - Ekky


Sitya Loss - Eddy Kenzo [Official Video] 

I love, love, love this video. The way these children are dancing makes me so proud! Love African children with all of my heart! 

Much love to all of the Ugandans! The dancing is serious!!!


Lilian Mbabazi (Uganda) and Temi Dollface (Nigeria) team up and sing Saida Karoli’s classic “Maria Salome”, a tanzanian classic for Coke Studio Africa .

Qwela (Uganda) and Dela (Kenya) team up and rework a Ugandan classic called “Njabala” on Coke Studio Africa.

Njabala is a traditional Ugandan wedding song about a girl (called Njabala) who is discovered by her mother before her wedding to lack certain skills expected of a wife. 

Njabala was a popular song amongst the older generation, although in recent times forgotten by young people. In this fusion, the song is updated to feature both male and female vocals. The update also includes a more gender friendly approach in which rather than the woman being coached as a good wife, the lyrics (mix between Luganda and English) recognise that it is both parties obligation to contribute to a successful marriage.

  • Coke Studio Africa: A convergence of a diverse number of prominent African artists coming together to combine various genres of music from all over Africa.