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Traditional Dances Of Uganda:

Baganda people: Baakisiimba, Nankasa, Muwogola is a traditional folk dance that originated in the palace of the King of Buganda, which is near by the Lake Victoria, in which there is the home of Nalubaale, the wife of Lubaale, one of the gods of the Baganda people. 

Acholi people: Larakaraka is a ceremonial dance from the Acholi. It is primarily a courtship dance that is performed during weddings. In Acholi, if you are a poor dancer, you are likely to die as a bachelor.

The Ding Ding dancers performed by the young girls of the Acholi,and their movements are meant to imitate birds. The girls dance to attract the young boys, so the dance is usually held on bright days, when the sun is out.

Batooro people: Runyege, Entongoro is similar to the Larakaraka dance of the Acholi people. This is a ceremonial dance from the Bunyoro and Batooro Kingdoms. It is also a courtship dance performed by the youth when it is time for them to choose partners for marriage. The dance was named after the rattles (binyege / ebinyege / entongoro) that are tied on boys’ legs to produce sounds and rhythms. The sound produced by rattles is more exciting as it is well syncopated as the main beat is displaced but everything blends with the song and drum rhythms. In this culture, people believe that the best dancer represents the best married life.

Banyankole people: Ekitaguriro, this dance comes from the Ankole region. It is occasionally performed to demonstrate the love of the Ankole people for their cattle. This cattle breed has very long horns so making the dance aerial. The singing in this dance is similar to the sounds of the cow.

There are so many more traditional dances from Uganda like Amaggunju (Baganda people), Tamenaibuga/Irongo/Nalufuka (Basoga people), Mwaga (Bagisu people), Akembe (Iteso people), Bwola (Acholi people), Gaze & Agwara (Lugbara people), Adungu dance (Alur people), Kimanda (Bahiru people), Ekizino & Owaro (Bakiga people) and lots more! (read more via source)
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